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10 Keto Diet Foods to Get You Started

By Jessica | Keto Diet

Oct 25

When starting a ketogenic diet, it is helpful to make a weekly plan that is easy to follow.

The first thing you need to do is clean out your pantry of unhealhty, nonketogenic food to stop yourself from munching on it because of a momentary lapse of judgement. Lock it up if you don’t want to throw it away or want to save it for other family members. Next, you need to create a shopping list with all the delicious ketogenic foods you can find and hit the grocery store. Having a week full of supply of healthy ketogenic food will make it easier to stick to the diet and slim that waist.

Following is a list of 10 ketogenic foods that are most effective on a ketogenic diet and versatile enough to make into variety of ketogenic meals.

1. Meat

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Meats have essentially zero carbohydrates which will help you immensely when making ketogenic meals.

2. Fat

+Coconut oil
+Bacon grease
+Extra virgin olive oil

Sources of good fats are very important in ketogenic diet, since you need good fat to melt away fat deposits. Increasing fat intake also breaks a stall if you one stops losing weight after a while on ketogenic diet.

3. Condiments

+Chilli powder
+Black pepper
+Low carb soya sauce
+Low carb hot sauce

Eating ketogenic meals is easy if you have the ingredients ready at home. Spices make the meal delectable, without adding carbohydrates.

4. Nuts

+Pistachio nuts
+Cashew nuts

Nuts are high in good fats and fiber. Eat a few between meals to keep yourself from getting hunger pangs.

5. Lettuce

Lettuce is a life safer. You can make a bun-less burger with lettuce and beef patty, add it to a salad or make roll-ups to go.


+Blue cheese
+Cheddar cheese
+mozerella cheese

Cheeses are your best friends on ketogenic diet. They add good healthy fats with lots of flavor to the meals.

7. Eggs

Stock a lot of eggs in your pantry because many ketogenic recipes call for it, such as Fathead Pizza, buns, keto bread,etc.

8. Sugar alternatives


Sugar is a total no-no on a ketogenic diet. There are, however, many sugar substitutes that work just as well.

9. Low carb vegetables

+Bell peppers

Low carb, non-starchy vegetables are good to add to a soup with meat in it, while also staying under your maximum carbohydrate count.

10. Coffee

Yes, you can have your coffee because coffee is low carb. Just add a sugar substitute and cream, if you’d like to make a low carb coffee for your monrning fix.

One thing you that will notice when on a ketogenic diet is that ketogenic meals are scrumptious, with lots of choices to choose from. You might even fall so much in 1ove with this way of eating that you won’t want to go back to eating high carbohydrate meals ever again.
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