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7 Fun Ways to Do Yoga for Kids

By Jessica | Yoga

Aug 29

When things get unbalanced or tough, some people spread mats and turn to yoga in order to rebalance the equilibrium.

As we all know, yoga balances are emotions, develop a sense of ourselves and calm our nerves and emotions.

But, what about teaching kids yoga?

With unlimited energy and tirelessly moving around, it seems a little impossible to teach them the calmness of yoga, right?

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However, yoga can be transformed from calm and serious to fun with lots of movements by incorporating games that kids will surely love and enjoy.

Here are fun ways to do yoga for kids that will keep them interested:

1. Play the Yoga Style Freeze Dance

Every child loves the game of freeze dance. It is a game where kids get to let loose, turn, twist, shake and dance to their favorite music then suddenly stopping without any notice— stopping or freezing their body when the music stops. There is something about just anxiously waiting for the music to stop which brings laughter and excitement to kids.

How to play:

Simply play a popular or an upbeat song and have the children dance around. When the music suddenly stops, shout a name of yoga pose and have the kids to freeze in that pose. This game should also test their knowledge about the different yoga poses.

It is fun to see which moves faster, their bodies or their minds, as they think and try to do a certain pose.

2. Allow Creativity with Yoga Challenge

This yoga game can be done in various ways. It is good to have a group which is familiar with different yoga poses. If not, then you will need to give them a brief demonstration of several yoga poses first in order to get them familiarized with different yoga poses.

How to play:

You do not just say the name of a yoga pose and your kids to do it. You need to give them challenges in order to come up with different poses.

For instance, you can say:

“I challenge you to do a pose where both hands are on the ground.”


“I challenge you to make a pose which requires you to stay balanced.”

As you add more challenges, you can see how their creativity expands.

3. Have Fun with Yoga Race

Despite the word “race”, this game does not involve letting kids run around. This is a race which does not involve running, rather the students will walk.

How to play:

This game starts with a teacher standing at one end of a room and the kids at the opposite end. When the teacher turns her back, the kids need to walk toward the teacher. The teacher will turn around without notice and shout a pose. The students need to stop where they are and do the pose quickly. The kid that reaches the teacher first will lead the next game.

4. Do the Silly Train

This yoga game strikes the perfect balance of letting the children be their silly and fun selves while still teaching them how to follow instructions.

How to play:

Have all the kids line behind you in a single straight line. Make sure that there is an inch or two of spaces between each student. You who is leading the train will pick a pose which everyone needs to do. When you are ready to start, you will need to lead the train around the room.

Passengers or the kids following should move or dance as silly as they can, while they stay on the train or in line. Once the leader turns around, everyone following must instantly go into the pose that was mentioned. Once you do one lap around the room, you can change the train leader. You can also have some music playing for an added fun.

5. Try A Yoga Obstacle Course

Like any other obstacle course, this game includes different stations which have various challenges. This is a fun way to have competitions and also teaching kids yoga.

How to do it:

You need to place yoga mats in a line and create stations.

In each station, you can ask kids to:

  • Do a yoga pose with a certain prop
  • Do some breathing exercises in a certain condition
  • Do something fun like skipping rope, dancing or doing a creative yoga pose.

6. Teach Shapes Through Yoga

This is a fun and creative way to teach your kids the different shapes and yoga at the same time.


How to do it:

First, you will need to introduce to the kids the different shapes.

After that, list some of the shapes that you would like the kids to learn.

Examples of shapes you can use are:

  • Diamond
  • Hexagon
  • Heart
  • Star
  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Circle

Shout a certain shape and watch the kids create different yoga poses in order to pretend the shape mentioned. After they have done the shape, ask them to shout what shape they were.

7. Play “Yogi Says”

Just like the popular children game “Simon, says”, but this one incorporates yoga!

How to do it:

Start by picking someone to be the Yogi. Then the rest of the kids will need to make a single line. The yogi needs to think of a certain yoga pose. The yogi will then shout “Yogi says, (the name of the yoga pose). The kids need to do what the yogi says.

If the Yogi only says the yoga pose without the “Yogi, says” then the kids should not do it. If they did, then you can have them do 5 bunny hops or any other actions as a forfeit.


Teaching yoga to kids can be a challenging task. Kids have a lot of energy to spare. But you can either look at it on the negative side or use that energy to your advantage and make a yoga class very active and fun while having them do some yoga poses.


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