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Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker
Jan 12

Do You Need Your Own Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker?

By Izzy | Diet , Exercise , Fit Gadgets

The new year has just kicked in, and there are a lot of fitness goals going around right now. What better way to achieve yours, old or new, but with a bullet journal fitness tracker?

What is a Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal, or as some users like to call it, a BuJo, is a highly customizable journal. It can be anything you want it to be depending on your interests and goals. Some of the things that people use a Bullet Journal for are:

  • A diary
  • A planner (yearly, monthly, daily, or even hourly!)
  • A sketchbook/ doodle book
  • An organizer

And more! The idea is that you take a blank journal (most BuJo users prefer dotted ones as they provide more flexibility) and design it however you want and need it to be.

For this post, we’re going to look at how you can use trackers in a Bullet Journal to help achieve your fitness goals.

Bullet Journal Trackers

People put trackers in their journals for practically anything. And since the beauty of a BuJo is that it’s not pre-formatted, you can put as many trackers as you want for different things. For instance, people create habit trackers to help them keep up with their annual resolutions.

For instance, someone wants to accomplish reading a hundred books in one year, they will create a spread in the journal to help them keep track of how much they have achieved so far. Trackers can be as simple as checklists or as elaborate as creatively illustrated pages in your journal.

While we’re focusing on physical fitness goals, take note that you can also use these trackers for your overall health. For instance, people create trackers for keeping track of their mental health using the ‘Year in Pixels’ spread, a tracker which notes what their overall mood is for each day.

Happy New Year!! Now that 2017 is over, I can finally share my completed #yearinpixels page. 😊 I ended up having a few more ‘tired’ days than ideal, but overall I love how it turned out! 😍 I’ll definitely be doing this again for 2018, with a different color scheme and minor tweaks to my categories. Thanks again to @passioncarnets for starting this great idea!! • And thank YOU so much for sticking around through my spontaneous hiatus!! My fall semester got crazy busy to the point that I took a break from all my social media, but I still kept bullet journaling. 😊 My TA duties kept me working right up until Christmas Eve, but I’ve spent the last few days getting my bujo set up for 2018, and it’s felt so good to be back in my planning groove! I’ve missed this community so much, and I’m so happy to be sharing with you again! • Edited to add my supplies: – Notebook: Nanami Seven Seas Crossfield, 1st edition (from nanamipaper.com) — The company that made this notebook doesn’t currently make this exact version; the 2nd edition Crossfield has a full grid instead of the tiny crosses (which were very similar to dot grid) of the 1st edition pictured here. – Pens: @staedtlermars Pigment Liners and Triplus Fineliners • • • • #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournalcommunity #bujo #bujocommunity #yearinpixels2017 #bulletjournallove #bulletjournaladdict #bulletjournalinspiration #moodtracker #plannerfun #greenishplanning #nanamipaper #tomoeriverpaper #staedtlertriplusfineliner #staedtlerpens #showmeyourplanner #bohoberrytribe #lifebyw

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The possibilities are endless. You can track how many hours you’ve slept, if you’ve taken your vitamins or medications, and so on. Now, on to how you can create your own bullet journal fitness tracker!

Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Ideas

Most fitness goals often have something to do with exercise. After the binge eating celebrations of the holidays, a lot of us want to get back in shape once the new year kicks in.

Walking/ Jogging

One of the most common exercises is walking or jogging. In order to create a fitness tracker for your bullet journal for this specific exercise, you can track how many miles you’ve walked for the entire year. Set a goal and create a system to track how much of it you’ve achieved.


If you’ve got a workout regimen ready, a spread like this can help you keep track of the sequences (until you’ve got it all down, of course!) You can also see how many reps you need to do each time, and how you can progress as you get more used to the exercises.


If your fitness goals include a new diet regimen like Keto or Paleo, you can make a helpful list of which foods are recommended with the diet. You can also keep track of your meals to see how well you’re sticking to the diet (or straying off, no one’s judging).


Basically, with each part of your overall fitness goal, a tracker can be customized to go with it. A quick search on the internet can help you see if anyone has a format you can copy or base your own from. But if you’re a creative person, than you can whip up your own depending on your own specifications.

If you’re just starting out with a bullet journal, you don’t need to create a tracker or spread that looks as colorful or elaborate as the ones others post online. It’s your personal journal, so it can be as minimalistic or simple as you need it to be. It’s pretty understandable if you have a busy daily schedule.

Speaking of busy schedules, why don’t we just use an app, you ask? Since there are apps for practically everything nowadays, chances are there’s one for your goals, right?

While that’s true, it’s also true that some fitness tracking apps aren’t very customizable. Some of the features may also need to be purchased before you can get full access to the app to customize it better, and they may also be lacking for the exact things you need.

A bullet journal, on the other hand, can be crafted and edited to your heart’s desire. Plus, there’s a certain thrill to keeping a written log of your goals and coloring (or checking) each item as you achieve it. So if you’re still wondering if you need your own BuJo fitness tracker, the answer is YES! 

It’s super easy to get started with your own. All you’ll need is a blank notebook and a few colored pens/ pencils or markers.

Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker

I prefer using a dotted journal like the one that Scribbles That Matter have on Amazon (those cute color combinations makes me want to get one of each!).

They have a PRO version and a more laid back one with the titular scribbles right on the cover. The PRO cover is plain, but you can still get a taste of the scribbles on the back cover. Plus, there are pastel colors!

Other BuJo users also recommend a Moleskine or a Leuchtturm1917, and you don’t have to stick with dotted if you prefer a gridded, lined, or even blank notebook.

gifts for a yogi
Nov 09

Yoga Gift Guide: 21 Ommmazing Gifts for a Yogi

By Izzy | Exercise , Yoga

‘Tis the season for gift giving, and today we give you 21 Ommazing gifts for a yogi in your life. It’s pretty tricky to choose gifts for people in our lives, but if you know a yoga lover, then they’ll surely love to receive any of these gifts.

1. Magnetic Poetry – Yoga Kit

This magnetic poetry kit comes from the makers of the original line of poetry kits, so you can be sure that when it comes to creative expression, it’s pretty awesome. Yoga lovers can create poems using this kit to remind them of yoga principles even when they’re not on the mat. 

2. 3pc 7 Chakras Yoga Meditation Healing Balancing Round Stone Beads Stretch Bracelet

This set of chakra meditation bracelets will surely be appreciated, with each of the charms being the Om symbol, the lotus flower, and the tree of life. Each of those charms represent something in yogi language. Plus, the bracelet itself balances all chakras.

3. NAMASTE Brass Hand Stamped Bracelet

If the yogi you know likes more simple accessories, then you can opt to give them this ‘Namaste’ brass bracelet instead. The word Namaste is actually a greeting which means “I bow to the divine in you”, referring to the Divine spark in the heart chakra. This is also why this greeting is often accompanied by a bow while the hands are pressed together in front of the chest.

4. Mystical Mandala Coloring Book (Dover Design Coloring Books)

Like the Om and the lotus flower, mandalas play a huge role in yoga. By giving this adult coloring book as a gift, you’re giving your yogi a chance to relax and meditate even when not doing yoga. Art, after all, can be a meditative practice. 

5. Yoga Mat Duffel Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper

One of the yoga essentials is a yoga mat, and what better gift is there to give to a yogi than a beautiful bag to store it in? This duffel bag comes in different designs and is made of sturdy materials. It also has  apocket and zipper to further allow better and more secure storage.

6. Yoga Bug: Simple Poses for Little Ones

If you know a young one (or your kid) who has begun to express interest in yoga, then you can give them this book. It’s not too early to start, and this book will help them learn simple poses that can get them started.

7. The Yoga Bible

For grownups, whether beginner or more advanced yogi, then you can gift them this book. It’s an educational guide to yoga postures which will help them to better understand and execute each one. Definitely a must-have for yoga lovers!

8. SukhaMat Yoga Knee Pad

This knee pad comes in 6 different colors to choose from: purple, pink, blue, black, dark blue, and grey. This pad is designed to cushion pressure points especially when someone is doing exercise routines. It’s lightweight, compact, and can roll with full-sized mats. 

9. Now Clock: Clock with Om Symbol

There’s no better time than the now, and your yogi friend will surely find this witty clock a great addition to their exercise room/ area. This clock doesn’t have hands to emphasize that the time is now. The pendulum also has a relaxing sway, and you can choose from 5 designs too.

10. “Namaste, Bitches” Mug

Sure, yoga is all about being relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be sassy too! This mug is a great gift choice for your lighthearted yogi friend. 

11. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser Gift Set

Aromatherapy is yet another way to feel calm throughout the day, and with this necklace diffuser set, that’s made possible. The pendant design is even the tree of life, which makes it even more meaningful.

gifts for a yogi

12. “Yoga Girl” Mug

If the other  mug won’t sit well with the yogi you know, then this one will probably fare better. It features a lotus flower design, as well as the witty “Coffee or Namas-Tea” line on the rim. Yoga girl and proud, right? 

13. Yoga Poses Pewter Magnets

Okay, we admit it, we love magnets. And this set of pewter magnets of figures in yoga poses is just too cute to resist.

14. Yoga Joes – Green Army Men Toys

Magnets aren’t their thing? Then how about this interesting take on the green army guy figurines? They look typical at first glance, until you realize they’re sporting some major yoga poses! 

15. Best Non-Slip Skid Yoga Socks

Yet another necessity when doing yoga are non-skid socks. They help to stabilize the person doing yoga, and by consequence, helps them to better execute their poses. Any yoga lover would appreciate a pair of these. 

16. Best Yoga Mat Cleaner – “Peaceful Lavender”

One of the most important things about owning a yoga mat is to keep it clean. What better way to do that than with  a mat cleaner that smells like lavender? Talk about double relaxation. This also comes with a microfiber cleaning towel, so that’s a plus.

17. SEEK BALANCE Non Slip Grip Socks

This pair of non-slip socks also comes with an inspiring design of the lotus flower. Plus, it reminds the wearer to constantly seek balance. Pretty awesome for a yoga lover to receive. 

18. Clever Yoga Mat Strap Sling Adjustable

Like we said, you can get the yoga lover in your life a yoga mat bag, but if they prefer less bulk, then a strap will suffice. It comes in different colors, so you have a good variety of choices. 

19. Cork Yoga Wheel

This sturdy yoga wheel is an ideal companion for stretches. It’s especially helpful for when it’s time to condition your body to learn new poses and forms. There are four other designs to choose from, too. 

20. Yoga Strap

Similarly, yoga straps are helpful for stretches. It helps to improve flexibility, and thus makes a yogi better prepared for new poses. This cotton strap also comes with a free instructional video.

21. Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters Gift Set

Yoga and baking. Both great things. Both therapeutic. So why not combine them with these cute cookie cutters in the shape of yoga poses? If your yogi is also a baker, then they’ll surely appreciate this combo of two things that they love. 

gifts for a yogi

Fitness gadget gifts
Nov 09

15 Fitness Gadget Gifts for The Fitness Geek You Know

By Izzy | Fit Gadgets

Looking for fitness gadget gifts to give the fitness geek in your life? You’ve come to the right place!

This gift guide presents 15 gift ideas that make fitness training more convenient, fun, and dynamic. Any fitness geek would surely appreciate receiving any of these items in their Christmas stocking… or at any point in the year.

And since resolutions are always made with regards to health and fitness come the new year, you can give these as gifts to anyone who is remotely considering a fitter lifestyle, yourself included.

1. Ringly Luxe Smart Ring

Fitness gadget technology just keeps on getting better. You’ve heard of smart watches and smart bracelets, and now here’s a smart ring. It’s a discreet way to monitor fitness activities like steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. Anyone who wears this can also set goals and receive notifications to help them achieve these goals.

Another major feature of this ring is that because it’s connected to your smart device, users can receive notifications through it. Vibration patterns and light flashes can be set to determine priority messages, calls, and so on. It’s both stylish and smart!

2. Fitbit Charge 2

For low profile fitness trackers, Fitbit is one of the top performers. The Fitbit Charge 2 comes in 6 colors, but we personally prefer the Lavender Rose Gold one, as it’s very elegant to look at. It also helps keep track of your cardiovascular fitness, as well as your sleep. Message alerts can also be synced to this to avoid having to access the phone while training.

3. TaoTronics Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Music certainly helps people perform better in training sessions, and for convenience’s sake, wireless headphones are the best to use. They’re even more handy to use when on runs or jogs, as you’ll have to worry less about them getting tangled or falling out while running. The TaoTronics wireless earphones come in 5 colors, all of which feature a secure-fit design and a built-in mic.

4. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Another variation of the wireless headset, the SENSO Bluetooth headphones also have a built-in microphone in case calls need to be made while training. It’s also noise-cancelling and fits securely, plus it’s waterproof and sweatproof.

5. Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones

The Phaiser Bluetooth headphones come in 4 different colors, all of which look pretty awesome. It also has a lifetime sweatproof guarantee. These headphones are magnetic, so you won’t have to store the in your pockets and instead leave them hanging around your neck with no chances of falling.

6. Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

This smartwatch is available in 4 classy colors: black, gold, silver, and deluxe black. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and comes with a fitness tracker, as well as a notifications feature. It even has a built-in microphone for on the go note taking and quick replies. 

7. Nixon Mini Blaster

This bluetooth speaker is compact enough to bring on the go, even to the beach. It’s water, shock, and sand proof to help withstand any accidents when in use. For better sound quality, you can pair two speakers up. It also comes in 10 different color choices.

Fitness gadget gifts

8. DribbleUp Smart Basketball With Included Virtual Trainer App

Probably one of the most exciting things on this list, a smart basketball. If the fitness geek you know loves shooting hoops or is interested in improving their technique, get them this basketball that comes with a virtual trainer. The built-in dribble tracker in the ball allows the virtual trainer to give feedback and pointers for improvement.

9. Sharkbanz 2

For swimmers and/or surfers, this handy gadget is a must for when they’re in shark-infested waters. The Sharkbanz technology relies on magnetic technology to repel sharks from the wearer. It can be worn on either the wrist or the ankle, and is stylish for comfort and convenience.

10. QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The first of two Qardio products on this list, this wireless blood pressure monitor allows you to accurately keep track of your blood pressure while keeping track of the results on your smart device. It also integrates well with the entire Qardio line of products.

11. QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

If you or someone you know is looking into losing some weight after the eating festivities of the holidays, then a smart scale is a smart idea. This scale doesn’t just keep track of your weight, it also calculates the changes in your body with regards to body fats, muscle, water, and bone mass. It also tells you your progress with smileys and vibrations to indicate how close your are to your set goals.

This scale also comes with a pregnancy setting for expectant mothers, which tracks changes throughout the trimesters.

12. Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, Smart Indoor Climate Monitor

This indoor climate monitor measures air quality, humidity, noise, and temperature within your home. Apart from that, it also gives advice on how you can improve the quality of these things for a better living environment. It connects wirelessly to your phone to deliver your results.

13. NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

I can personally testify for the NutriBullet blender. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean up. The containers it comes with doubles as the blending container as well as the cup you can drink your healthy smoothies from. It comes with two blades, each with their own uses, and two covers for when you need to bring your smoothie on the go.

Plus, it’s also handy for making less healthy shakes for cheat days, not that anyone’s asking…

14. Reliefband for Motion & Morning Sickness

For people with motion sickness or pregnant women who have morning sickness, this gadget makes use of neuromodulation to prevent nausea and vomiting. Perfect for any fitness training that requires you to travel!

15. S+ By ResMed Personal Sleep Solution

Sleep is just as important in fitness as active training, and getting healthy amounts is necessary. If you’re someone who has trouble getting enough sleep, then this gadget will help you address that. It monitors your environment when you sleep and gives insights on how you could better improve your sleeping conditions.

Fitness gadget gifts