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Best Blood Ketone Meter

By Jessica | Keto Diet

Sep 18

Have you ever wondered how a ketogenic lifestyle could be good for you? What exactly is a ketogenic diet? A ketogenic (or keto for short) lifestyle and diet are the best things you can do for your health.

A keto diet gets your body into a metabolic state called ketosis with low-carb meals that have fair amounts of protein and high amounts of fat. A keto lifestyle offers many health benefits, one of which is the loss of unwanted fat.

An essential part of having a keto lifestyle is by measuring These devices are called blood ketone meters. Read on to know more about the best blood ketone meters and help you decide on which ones to get.

Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter Kit

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The Keto-Mojo blood ketone meter does more than accurately measure the ketones in your blood. It can also be used to measure the amount of glucose in your blood. This is the ideal metering kit for those on a keto diet and people monitoring their blood sugar levels.

This device delivers accurate measurements of ketone in your blood. It also helps monitor and tracks blood sugar levels efficiently. This meter kit provides you with measurements quickly, your ketone and glucose levels in just seconds.

This meter kit is very user-friendly although the instruction on how to use it can be hard to understand, with a little practice, you’ll be getting your ketone levels in a very short span of time. Plus, their customer service is superb, you can contact them for help or any other concerns you may have.

Leading Keto experts swear by this meter kit. Well-known keto personalities such as Dominic D’Agostino, Dr. Nasha Winters, Professor Thomas Syfried, Mariam Kalamian, Andreas Eenfeldt and many others all recommend this product. You know you’re in good hands with Keto-Mojo.

The only thing we found that we didn’t like about this meter kit is the carrying case that is too soft and flimsy. You may need to get a sturdier one especially if you want to take it on your travels. Also, like most reviewers we found online, we all think that the strips are slightly expensive.


  • Meets FDA and other international standards
  • Approved by leading Keto experts, doctors, professors, and many others
  • Easy to use and gives fast results


  • The strips can be expensive
  • The carrying case is too soft
  • The instructions are hard to follow


Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System


If you want a simple and easy device to measure your blood ketone and glucose levels, the Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System will accurately do the work for you. It offers efficient and reliable testing in just two steps and only a small amount of blood sample. It has a large screen that is simple to navigate for easy monitoring and tracking of your ketone and blood sugar levels.

This blood ketone meter is battery operated and has no cords so you can take it anywhere. In addition, it comes with a convenient case that would fit your bag or purse easily. Furthermore, it has everything you will need—ketone strips, glucose strips, a lancet device, lancets, and alcohol wipes.

All the components of this kit are premium brands, so you know you’re getting high-quality products that are safe to use. This kit gives you accurate measurements of your aceto-acetate and not beta-hydroxybutyrate like most cheap urine strips available on the market today. All in all, you’ll get accurate results safely and conveniently.

At a glance, you’d think that this blood ketone meter is expensive, but after seeing all the components, you’ll understand why it has such a high price. There are a few we found that complained of the batteries included being dead or some missing strips. The seller is very accommodating and will help you with missing strips or any questions or concerns you may have with the product.


  • Easy and simple 2-step testing
  • Lightweight, compact, and cordless
  • Accurate, complete, and comes in a handy traveling case


  • Expensive
  • The lancet device is not durable
  • Some complaints of dead batteries or missing strips

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Blood Ketone Meter


Ease of Use

Since you’ll be using your blood ketone meter daily, it’s important that the one you’ll be getting offers ease of use. The best blood ketone meter has to be user-friendly and one that lets you track and monitor your blood easily.


Quick Results

The best blood ketone meter has to deliver results in just a short period of time. Giving your measurement in seconds can mean time saved especially when you need to take measurements several times in a day.



We’ve encountered some blood ketone meters that give inaccurate readings. These meters are either very cheap or come from unknown manufacturers. Make sure that you’re getting a high-quality meter that won’t waste your time and money by giving you inconsistent measurements.


The Price

You might see some blood ketone meters that are way cheaper than some. It is true that you can find high-quality products at affordable prices. And with a little research, this is quite possible.

Although a reliable blood ketone meter is an investment, you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money to get the best one. And ketone meters require strips for them to work, you also need to consider the price and availability of these strips to get the best deal.



A ketogenic lifestyle is the best thing you can do for your health. Whether you’re new to the diet or just diagnosed as having diabetes, the best blood ketone meter will help you track and monitor your blood ketone and sugar levels. These two-meter kits are two of the best we found on the market today.

The Keto-Mojo, for us, is the best of the best. Precision Xtra at a very close second. Whatever you choose, these two will do a great job and help you with your ketogenic diet and lifestyle.


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