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Nov 16

This is Why You Are Not Losing Weight Even When You’re Trying So Hard

By Jessica | 2 Week Diet

Sure, there have been times when you weren’t trying very hard. But this time is different. You actually want it.

But still. . .

Nothing. Goose egg. FAIL.

Losing weight is probably one of the toughest challenges on the planet. Millions of people struggle with it daily and it wears them down on a physical, emotional and mental level.

While the concepts and principles are simple, applying them is a huge task.

You need to eat right, and you need to be at a caloric deficit. Over and above that, you’ll also need to exercise to accelerate calorie burning and boost your metabolism.

Eating right is a struggle, and finding the motivation to exercise regularly will require you to dig deep within you. Most people fail in one or both areas and never see much or any success.

However, there are times when you have diet dialed in. You know exactly what to eat and how much to eat… and you’re on track. You’re also working out at the gym regularly and giving it your all.

Yet, despite your best efforts, your results are slow to come or non-existent. In this article, we’ll look at 3 reasons why this may occur. Once you remedy these issues, your fat will melt off and you’ll shed the excess pounds faster than you thought possible.

1. Toxins
The environment we live in, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and many other factors introduce toxins into our body. The body deals with these harmful toxins by binding them in the fat cells.

If you are overweight, your body is holding on to a lot of toxins. It will resist burning the fat because it’s trying to protect you. If the harmful toxins are released into your system all at once, you can get sick.

Most people don’t realize that slow fat loss is the body’s way of self-preservation. The first step to fixing this will be to go through a detox process. In fact, many weight loss programs have a 3-day or even 7-day detox program just to cleanse the body and start off on a clean slate.
It may be argued that the liver is more than capable of detoxification. That’s true. However, we’re just giving it a helping hand and helping to speed up the process. There are several ways you can detox, such as:

* Going on a 3-day juice fast (only freshly squeezed fruits/vegetables)
* Drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning on an empty stomach
* Consume detox teas sold in health stores

There are also diet programs that encourage the body to burn fat through reduced carbs. Check out the Keto Diet or the Two Week Diet.

2. Inflammation

When your body aches and hurts for no reason, you’re probably suffering from inflammation. The cells in your body are inflamed and you absolutely must address this issue before tackling weight loss.

The first step will be to eliminate sugar from your diet. Sugar is highly inflammatory and just 3 days without sugar will really help to mitigate the problem. You may also want to consume foods like pineapples, spinach and broccoli.

Another very useful tool to combat inflammation is turmeric. You can purchase turmeric supplements over-the-counter from most health stores. The active ingredient in the turmeric, which is curcumin, will help to reduce the inflammation.

Once your body has recovered, it will be more responsive to your weight loss efforts. Always remember that the foods you eat will have a direct impact on the inflammation in your body. So, do your best to avoid processed foods and clean up your diet.

3. Hormones

There are several different hormones in your body and some of them have a direct or indirect impact on your body. Testosterone encourages muscle growth and aids in weight loss. Estrogen encourages weight gain.

Foods that are rich in estrogen will make your body gain weight. Foods like tofu and soy products are best avoided. It would be a good idea to avoid milk and dairy products too.

Another hormone to watch out for is cortisol. This is a stress hormone that indirectly causes you to gain weight. It causes the body to store the more harmful visceral fat that is found around the organs. Only exercise can burn off this fat. So, if you’re stressed out at work, or in other areas in your life, do take time out to de-stress.


Now that you know the 3 possible factors that could be impeding your progress, you should analyze and see if they affect you. Follow the tips in this article if they do. Also, check out some of the different approaches out there like the two mentioned above, the keto diet and 2 week diet.

Lastly, do know that weight loss is a slow process but a sure one if you stay on the path and do not deviate or quit. Your dream body is well within your reach.

Nov 03


By Jessica | Keto Diet


Start making keto work for you today!

Simple Meal Plans

You are likely a busy individual. Whether you are at home with your children or working at the office, it is hard to find time to prepare healthy meals. This meal plan is created for people who have lives besides keto and want to support it that way. Meal prepping and cooking in bulk makes this meal plan easy and inexpensive.


Progression Tracking For Success

Tracking your progression is highly crucial when managing keto. But focusing on the wrong metrics can be subtle to your success. We created a worksheet that will help you spot advancement when it seems like you are not moving forward.


Delicous Ketogenic Cookbook

With complete 45 delicious keto formulas this cookbook is an easy means for you to stay in ketosis and stick with the diet. Each recipe has a complete breakdown of macros as well as nutritionary leads for every day.


Extensive Keto Guide

If you’re looking to begin a ketogenic diet, look no further. Here is a full guide that will show you how to start a keto diet without messing up around with any of that “complicated” thing. There are a plenty of details of the best keto info, and if I were you, I’d make time to read it all. By the last of reading this guide, you will know more about the ketogenic diet than 99% of individuals.

That’s why I’ve created the first and most complete guide for building a personalized high-fat ketogenic diet that balances your health — without any time-consuming calorie counting or restrictions. Don’t know what a ketogenic diet is? Keep reading!

Nov 03

Use Healthy Fats to Get the Results You Crave

By Jessica | Keto Diet


When what you’re doing isn’t working, The Keto Beginning is the Launchpad  for achieving flawless health and effortless weight loss through sound nutrition  practices and vibrant food preparation in ways you’ve never seen before.

 Going a step beyond the traditional low-carbohydrate approach, The Keto Beginning  offers an allergen-free solution to paleo-friendly, low-carbohydrate living with a focus on using nutritional ketosis as the underlying rocket fuel to propel you  to a new dimension of health.

Gain total body confidence, regulated metabolism, and liberated health without  the need to radically reduce (or even count) calories. This is the lifestyle change  that empowers your body + mind to achieve the state of health you’ve been  searching for.

If what you’re doing isn’t working…

Dare to do something different.

Nov 03

Fat Fueled To Freedom

By Jessica | 2 Week Diet


The one size fits all approach to nutritional ketosis ends now. Fat Fueled is a sensible guide to creating a ketogenic life focused on plans to support thyroid  imbalances, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, hormone irregularities, anxiety,  candida, infertility, and more.

 A revolutionary wheat-, dairy-, gluten-, egg-,  nut-, legume-, and sugar-free approach to the ketogenic eating style to uncover  your best self by fueling; and healing, with fat. Liberate yourself from restriction, macronutrient manipulation, exercise abuse,  and feel hot-dawn sexy doin’ it.

I am nourished, I am strong, I am balanced, and I’m using keto, and a healthy dose of dietary fat, to keep me here.

This is what it means to be Fat Fueled.

Nov 03

Give the Gift of a Guilt-Free Christmas

By Jessica | 2 Week Diet

Post-Christmas guilt doesn’t have to be your reality this go-around. No more  stressing about hurting friends’ feelings, having to justify your dietary choices  or feeling helpless around the dessert table Christmas Dessert Freedom  Cookbook is a 35-page, full-colour PDF digital/ebook with paleo, vegan &  gluten-free dessert recipes that will motivate you to celebrate a guilt-free  Christmas.

Rum balls, Tiramisu, Peppermint Patties and all. Your friends and  family will be blown away with your dessert skills, and you can rest easy  knowing that everything you are enjoying this holiday season? Is good for your body.


Oct 27

Desserts on a Keto Diet

By Jessica | Keto Diet

The Keto diet is designed to cut down on carbs. High carbs cause plenty of glucose, so what do you do about dessert? The Keto diet suggests you replace sugar with Xylitol when preparing desserts because it has a low glycemic index and tastes like sugar. Where can you get the recipes?

There’s a wider variety of desserts on a Keto diet than you might think there are. There is gelatin; pudding; pie; cream cheese desserts; muffins and hot chocolate. If breaded items have carbs, then how can you have pie on a low carb diet? Dry flour, including almond, coconut flour or xanthan gum are good replacements for all purpose white flours.

If sugar has carbs, how do you make sweet desserts that taste good? One Keto dieter was able to turn a drink made with Stevia sweetner ,erythritol and unflavored gelatin into sweet gelatin. Another Keto dieter was able to add vanilla flavoring ,natural peanut butter, Stevie, and unflavored almond milk to sweeten this pudding. These recipes have 10 carbs or less per serving.


Tropical Mousse Bites can be made with sugar-free dark chocolate, shredded coconut, some coconut oil, whipped cream and lemon zest. The recipe can be found online; it makes 12 servings in under a half an hour. Coconut Raspberry Slices tastes fattening but is made from almond meal, sea salt, and erythritol. Each layer needs to set for about a half hour before you start on the second of four layers: Biscuit, coconut, raspberry and dark dark chocolate.

You can try individual servings of coconut cream pies made with coconut flour. Almond flour can be used as a substitution for coconut flour. It’s recommended you use a sugar substitute.

The best kind of sugar substitute is the kind that’s especially made for baking, otherwise the taste of the sweetener and pies will be bitter. It‘s recommended to bake these in four ramekins.

There’s a recipe for coconut chip cookies that are low in carbs. All these Keto desserts and many more can be found online. Why skip dessert when you are trying to lose weight?


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Oct 27

3 Secrets To Stick To Your Weight Loss Program

By Jessica | 2 Week Diet

Struggling to stick with your diet program? You aren’t alone. Millions of people worldwide fall off diet programs every day.

Often, it’s due to a few key mistakes they’re making along the way. Let’s take a closer look at three powerful secrets for sticking to your diet plan. Put them into action and see the results you’re looking for.

Get A Diet Buddy

One word of advice: don’t go at it alone. Those who get a diet buddy will experience the high’s and low’s together. They stand a much better chance of success in the long run.

If you can’t convince someone to diet with you, at least find someone who will support you and keep you accountable as you need it.

You will hit hard times, and it will really help to have someone by your side.

Use Hunger-Busting Strategies

Hunger is another reason why many people can’t stick with a fat loss diet plan. That’s natural, but avoidable. Either they cut their calories too much, or they lack foods that promote satiety.

Focus your diet around foods that break down and digest slowly. Lean proteins coupled with fibrous carbohydrates are the best choices, followed closely by small doses of dietary fat.

While fat calories can add up quickly, small amounts can work wonders for hunger control.

Set Short Term Goals

Think about what you want to accomplish in two weeks. It can be beneficial to dream about your transformed body in a year’s time, but only in tandem with achievable short term goals. Otherwise you will lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t lose all the weight in a week. Focus on the here and now. Find a program, such as The 2 Week Diet, that focuses on the coming weeks. Use that time to build good habits, and you will be prepared for the future months.

Want to make the 2 week concept work for you? Check out The 2 Week Diet plan, which teaches you how to build proper habits over the course of two weeks. Equip yourself for a future of weight loss and health maintenance.



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Oct 27

What Are the Biggest Reasons Diets Fail?

By Jessica | 2 Week Diet

The average American dieter makes 4-6 dieting attempts per year. Clearly that means the first…and second…and third attempt weren’t successful. It’s a vicious circle of demotivation that leaves many feeling like they cannot succeed without superhuman tenacity.

Maybe you are ready to throw in the (oversized) towel on dieting for good.

Don’t be. Take a minute to look at the four reasons why most diets fail, and then find a diet plan that bypasses these pitfalls. Soon you will find yourself on track to optimal success.

Let’s look at the four key factors.

Unrealistic Calorie Intakes

The “starvation mode” method only sets you up to fail. By consuming so little food, your body literally starts shutting down to conserve fuel.

When this happens, you are on a one-way path to a fat loss plateau. Yes, you should lower calorie intake to see fat loss results, but you need to do it in a way that maintains your “metabolic engine”.

Lack Of Satiety-Boosting Nutrients

Another big issue with most conventional diets is they fail to provide enough of the two most filling nutrients: protein and fiber. You need protein to function optimally. It’s also breaks down slowest, providing the body with lasting satiety.

Couple protein with dietary fiber, found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and digestion will slow even further.

Many crash diet plans are very low in protein. While they recommend lots of vegetables, many discourage the consumption of fruit.

By making these two nutrients a focus of your plan instead, you can see faster, lasting results while actually enjoying your diet meal plan.

Time Consuming Meal Prep

Who has an hour each and every day to meal prep? Not me — and definitely not you. Yet, many diet plans are complicated enough to require this. If that describes your diet, it’s no wonder if you’re failing.

Alternatively, you want to find an approach that gives you basic and easy-to-implement guidelines that help you realize true success with your program.

This plan should not require hours of extra effort each week. In that case, it’s stealing free time that you should use to reward yourself for good behavior. It should work with your lifestyle, not against it. When you find such a plan, it’ll be cake to stick with it.

Long-Term Approach

Chances are you’ve heard that any diet plan you use should follow a long-term approach.

That’s excellent advice.

However, if your diet plan is designed to span months, this can be a motivation killer.

Find a diet with a definite deadline. Two weeks is optimal because that’s how long it takes to form long-term habits. Two weeks is also a long enough to see good results, but not short enough to stay motivated.

Anyone willing to lose weigh can diet for two weeks. This is foundation to The 2 Week Diet. In many, many cases, the initial transformation is so remarkable, it provides abundant motivation for continued fat burning. Success breeds success.

To harness the powerful psychology behind The 2 Week Diet, check it out here:



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Oct 27

The 3 Most Common Dieting Mistakes of Women

By Jessica | 2 Week Diet

A woman on a diet has many suitors. The weight loss world is full of companies and self-appointed experts competing for her attention, often spreading misinformation and making  impossible promises.

It’s so predictable. They just want to get into her….pocketbook.

If you’re a woman struggling with weight loss, there’s a good chance you have heard some unreliable information, causing you to make a mistake or two. Just a bit of misinformation can make weight loss seem like a code to crack.

It doesn’t need to be as complicated as it seems. By learning these mistakes, you can quickly unlock your potential and get back to getting results.

Let’s look at four need-to-know weight loss mistakes.

Starvation Diets

If 1400 calories is good, 1000 must be better, right? Wrong. Your body needs fuel to burn fat properly. As strange as it may sound, if you cut your calories back too far, your body will actually begin conserving its store of fat.

Think about wild animals in winter. When they eat less and less each day, the body gets “worried” and prepares itself for continued scarcity of food. Your body is the same. Too little food, and it will preserve its energy stores (i.e. fat) as long as possible. You may experience initial success, but it will quickly plateau.

You want to use a moderate calorie deficit, like the one detailed in the 2 Week Diet plan. This plan ensures your metabolism stays highly active for optimized fat loss.

Overdoing Cardio Training

If there’s one mistake that most women make in common, it’s hours spent on cardio machines. While some smart cardio training (such as sprint training) can be beneficial for fat loss, there’s no need to chain yourself to the treadmill, bike, or elliptical. In fact, doing so can do more harm than good.

Alternatively, what you need is an easy-to-follow weight training program that focuses on key lifts that make you stronger.

Check out The 2 Week Diet workout program if you need assistance in this area. This program will streamline the top calorie burning exercises that firm and tone your body while helping you drop fat quickly.

Overcomplicating The Process

Finally, the last big mistake that many women fall prey to is over complicated programs. Diet plans with a million rules and regulations only lead to confusion, demotivate, and eventually giving up.

Simplicity is best. A few smart, easy-to-follow guidelines are most effective for superior results.

Fat loss isn’t rocket science. It boils down to fueling your body with the right food choices and amount of energy. That encourages the body to burn fat cells for energy.

For a complete break down, consider using The 2 Week Diet plan, which has produced amazing results for thousands without making you feel like you need a Ph.D. in nutrition to succeed.

If you see yourself making any of these mistakes, then forgive yourself, make a change, and get on track to a healthier, more energetic future.


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Oct 27

Don’t Be Duped! — 3 “Diet Foods” Guaranteed to Sabotage Your Health

By Jessica | 2 Week Diet

Are you putting 100% into your diet program, but feel like you’re getting 0 results?

Many people find themselves in this pickle. They work hard, hold on to their diet strategy like bulldog, but fail to see the transformation they wanted. Hopes were high, but the scale just isn’t going downward.

What gives?

Often, the problem is not effort or motivation. The issue is that they are incorporating certain foods in their diet plan that are actually not diet foods at all. The diet industry is big business, and unfortunately many companies market their products as healthy, even though they are counter-productive options.

What are these foods? Here are three problem foods you need to cut from your diet immediately.

Fruit Flavored Yogurts

Fruit flavored yogurts are a favorite among many dieters, but many fail to see them for what they are: pint-sized sugar bombs. Individual yogurt packs have gotten unhealthier and unhealthier, while their reputation as a go-to diet food has regrettably survived.

Next time you’re picking out your favorite yogurt, double check the sugar content. You might be surprised to find there are 15+ grams of sugar per serving.

Of course you can purchase the sugar-free varieties, but then you’ll be consuming unwanted artificial sweeteners, which can be just as bad for you.

Instead, opt for plain Greek yogurt. Flavor it yourself by adding a handful of fresh berries.

Fat-Free Products

Beware of any product marketed as ‘fat free’. These products proudly label themselves as fat-free, and that very well may be true.

But ask yourself, if the fat is removed, what has been added? Time and again, the fat content has been substituted with something just as undesirable.

Often that means heaps of sugar.

If you are trying to lose body fat, sugar is just as bad — if not worse — than fat is.

Protein Bars

The last problem food to be wary of is the protein bar, despite its prevalence in many diet programs and meal plans. These may seem like a great option because they contain protein, but once again you have to look a little closer.

Check that sugar content. Most protein bars have upwards of 15 grams of sugar per bar. Some contain 30 and even 40 grams.

In actuality, these are glorified chocolate bars. While you can buy a few bars with very low sugar content (five grams or less per bar), these will require a little searching.

Sadly, many dieters are blissfully unaware of these three problem foods. Are any of them in your current diet?

If you want to learn the two must-eat foods that will catapult fat loss into high gear, make sure you check out The 2 Week Diet. Highly-readable and conveniently-packaged in PDF form, it has all the best advice you need to correct any lingering misinformation you’ve fallen prey to.


This site contains some affiliate links, meaning that if you click on those links, this site may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Our opinions remain our own, however misguided they may be. This site also participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,meaning that we may receive a commission if you click on a link to Amazon. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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