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Desserts on a Keto Diet

By Jessica | Keto Diet

Oct 27

The Keto diet is designed to cut down on carbs. High carbs cause plenty of glucose, so what do you do about dessert? The Keto diet suggests you replace sugar with Xylitol when preparing desserts because it has a low glycemic index and tastes like sugar. Where can you get the recipes?

There’s a wider variety of desserts on a Keto diet than you might think there are. There is gelatin; pudding; pie; cream cheese desserts; muffins and hot chocolate. If breaded items have carbs, then how can you have pie on a low carb diet? Dry flour, including almond, coconut flour or xanthan gum are good replacements for all purpose white flours.

If sugar has carbs, how do you make sweet desserts that taste good? One Keto dieter was able to turn a drink made with Stevia sweetner ,erythritol and unflavored gelatin into sweet gelatin. Another Keto dieter was able to add vanilla flavoring ,natural peanut butter, Stevie, and unflavored almond milk to sweeten this pudding. These recipes have 10 carbs or less per serving.

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Tropical Mousse Bites can be made with sugar-free dark chocolate, shredded coconut, some coconut oil, whipped cream and lemon zest. The recipe can be found online; it makes 12 servings in under a half an hour. Coconut Raspberry Slices tastes fattening but is made from almond meal, sea salt, and erythritol. Each layer needs to set for about a half hour before you start on the second of four layers: Biscuit, coconut, raspberry and dark dark chocolate.

You can try individual servings of coconut cream pies made with coconut flour. Almond flour can be used as a substitution for coconut flour. It’s recommended you use a sugar substitute.

The best kind of sugar substitute is the kind that’s especially made for baking, otherwise the taste of the sweetener and pies will be bitter. It‘s recommended to bake these in four ramekins.

There’s a recipe for coconut chip cookies that are low in carbs. All these Keto desserts and many more can be found online. Why skip dessert when you are trying to lose weight?


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