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Keto Reset Diet Book Review

By Jessica | Diet

Sep 12

A lot of diet and workout plans have emerged today. With the growing number of overweight people, a lot of them want to lose that weight too. Staying fit is not just about the looks, but also for the health and well-being of the person.

The problem with wanting to lose weight is the willingness of the person to do it. Yes, their minds want to do it, but they just can’t get off their butts. Social media has also played a part in many lose weight fast schemes that people want to immediately try.

People get hyped into trying them because it’s easy and will not take years to do. Some even promise results in just one month. These may work to a few select people, but in general, they don’t.

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Now, there’s rising popularity of the Ketogenic Diet. A lot of people have tried and absolutely loved the positive results they get. They lost weight without sacrificing too much on the food they eat, and they become healthier overall too.

If you are interested in trying the ketogenic diet, there’s a book that shows you what you need to know. In this review, we’ll show you what you can expect from The Keto Reset Diet Book.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Basically, the ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. Instead of consuming more carbohydrates, you replace those with fat. This will then let your body be in a state of ketosis.

At this metabolic state, the body burns fat for energy instead of sugar and carbs. This will then make you lose weight faster and along with many other health benefits. These include increased ketones in the liver, reduction in blood sugar and insulin levels, and many more.

In Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns’ book, they provide information about the ketogenic diet. They have provided these with backup from existing scientific research done about the topic.

The book introduces the diet as a healthy and non-restrictive diet. It is a happier approach towards healthy eating. The book is written in a readable format which makes the diet approachable which makes losing weight very achievable.

The language isn’t very technical. It can be easily understood by anyone, and it is very conversational. The explanations are easy to understand too.

The Keto Reset Diet

The best feature of the book is the 21-day step-by-step plan. Each step is carefully thought out and explained. It has details about what food are good to eat and reminds us to reduce carbs.

Another good thing is that it also states what difficulties we might face during the diet plan. Plus, it offers some ways on how to overcome them. It’s great that they’ve taken initiative on that huge problem when someone starts on a diet.

Recipes in the Book

The Keto Reset Diet has some recipes you can try for your diet plan. The recipes can actually cost you a lot, though. However, you can cut back on sugar, carbs, and other unhealthy food to make way for healthier, albeit more expensive, options.

The recipes in this book do not restrict you too much. You won’t have to measure everything. You just have to eat in moderation and enjoy the portions that you have.

Trying out the recipes lets you know that eating fats is actually okay. It makes you feel fuller so you will not have any cravings. Let’s be honest, when we crave, we usually reach for foods that are high in sugar, carbs, and calories.

The diet can be difficult to do at first, but you have to push through them. You will enjoy making your meals. Plus, you will love the results it will do to your body.

About the Authors

Mark Sisson is an American fitness author and blogger. He is the founder of the Mark’s Daily Apple Website. He was an endurance athlete, but now he aims to open our minds to the truth about health and wellness.

For over twenty years, Brad Kearns has been an author, speaker, and coach about health and fitness. He was a star triathlete and has won championships multiple times.

These two first teamed up to bring us Primal Blueprint. And now, The Keto Reset Diet book.

Do You Need This Book?

The Keto Reset Diet is perfect for beginners who want to take on this diet. It is well-informed and easy to read. It’s also a good book to read for those who are just curious and want to learn more about the topic.

The recipes section includes high-quality photos. Honestly, these are very helpful in recipe books. It gives the reader an idea of how the actual food looks like.

All-in-all, this book contains well-researched information backed by scientific research. It is perfect for newbies and shows a more positive approach to dieting and weight loss.


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